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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Understanding Opera

We learn things at different times in our lives - and often not to the expected schedule. So it was with me and my problem with opera. I just couldn't see the point of all that warbling and plots that I couldn't follow. I thought the reason I couldn't catch all the words was because my ears were bad. Found something about Auditory Processing Disorder and wondered if I had it. My ability to understand German opera much better, I kept to myself thinking that the world already had more of my eccentricity than it was comfortable with.

And then, a few days ago, I "confessed" my disability to a friend who loves opera and is about to embark on a degree in music. She told me that she can't understand a lot of the words either! So it's the opera singers putting high notes above intelligibility! Just when I thought I was getting over my "Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome"

Still, I'm clearer now.

And I think I owe my friend a drink.

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