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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Damien thinks "outside the box"

Jeff, the manager of the Counseling Centre prided himself on his sensitivity so when Damien strolled into the office whistling a merry tune it seemed rather pointless to ask the young counselor how he was feeling. Instead, he took a direct approach:

"What are you so bloody cheerful about?"

"You remember I had that problem with a gorgeous woman who approached me in a club?"
"The one who ended up bending your ear rather than any other bit of your anatomy?"
"Yes, but you will be glad to know I have taken your valuable feedback on board, cleaned up my act and even 'thought outside the box'!"
"Good. Go on!"
"Last night I had a date with Jane - one of Wendy's friends"
"Yeah, think I met her once. Pretty girl"
"When I picked her up, she seemed a bit tearful and asked if she remembered right that I worked at the Counseling Centre?"
"Uh Oh!"
"Nah, it was Ok! I told her a joke, tickled her and, well, lets say that by the end of the evening she was very happy indeed"
"Nice one!"
Then a worrying thought crossed Jeff's mind.
"You weren't thinking of using your new, err, technique here at work with clients, were you?"
"Oh yes" said Damien airily, "write it up, run a training course..."
"Good, that's the spirit!" said Jeff and they both laughed.

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