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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

When just two of you can dance to the music

Now and then I end up accidentally showing off on the dance floor big-time. It happened to me at a late night event at Towersey Festival a couple of years back. The management had put on a great band playing Jive stuff but the audience knew Ceilidh, Bal Folk, Cajun and a little Swedish Polska.

But there were two of us who could Jive and we found each other. So while a few hundred people  struggled to get a "pogo dance" out of the music, we Jived. I don't think she knew much but could she follow! Growing in confidence with her ability, I threw caution and convention to the winds and let rip.

After a dozen dances, she thanked me and went back to her friends. I'd been half expecting it - we were getting a lot of attention and there's a convention of "circulating" unless you are a couple in "real life". No way were we at all plausible as a couple off the dance-floor and less dance-aware friends might have pulled us apart.

Of course, circulating didn't really work out for either of us and after a short while she was back and off we went again :-)