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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Snipping tool won't save - possible solution

I've used the Windows "snipping tool" for years - it lets you grab a snapshot of part of the screen and then paste it or save it to a file. Great for grabbing copies of error messages to show to support people.

Just recently, I found I could capture the screen OK but when I hit the Save button or File->Save As, nothing happened. I Googled, found a few solutions but none of them worked. Then I found this somewhat complicated thread which gave me a clue.

The bottom line is that you get this problem if Windows can't access your "Pictures" library - even if you had no intention of saving to that library.

Try right clicking on Pictures in Windows Explorer and choose Properties - here's what I saw

My F drive is a portable drive and I'd disconnected it. Plugging it back in fixed it.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Encounter with the Gendarmes

Driving back from Le Grand Bal de l'Europe I diverted off into the village of Patay in Loiret searching for fuel when an oncoming motorist flashed at me. Now, I'd read up on French driving customs and wasn't too surprised to see two Gendarmes further down the road standing by a car talking to the driver.

I don't know about you but when I see the police talking to a driver, I resist the urge to join in the conversation. I did what I'd have done in the UK - and drove carefully round them.

This was not what they expected "Stop! Stop! Stop!" they yelled (It's the same word in French and English) So I did. As I opened my car door there was a more relaxed "Allez! Allez!" ("Go!") and I pulled away slowly and checked my mirrors. They'd lost interest in me.

I think they'd spotted my UK plates and decided whatever delights they inflicted on French drivers would be too difficult with someone from Britain.

I've still not worked out how drivers are meant to know when they have to stop for Gendarmes and when they may be passed UK-style.