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Friday, 7 September 2018

Refreshingly Honest Halifax Manager

The Halifax counter service is abysmal and getting worse. A couple of times a year, I need to use it and today 10 of us were queuing up for one teller. So another member of staff goes up the line trying to persuade each person to transact their business some other way. All decline and someone tells her to stop messing around and jump on the till herself. Turns out she isn't till trained. Another customer announces their disgust and I tell her I'm fed up with this nonsense every time I come in and maybe I'm with the wrong bank? She withdraws.

When I get to the counter, the teller SCOLDS me for using counter service  because she feels it's OK to feed a large cheque into a machine!

I asked to speak to a manager and to my surprise he agreed with me 100% that it was terrible service BUT that's the way Halifax is going and pretty soon there would be NO counter service at all. He recommended that I move my account to one of the Building Societies! I think he was too young to remember when Halifax was a Building Society!