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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Confusing women

There is a theory that states that 99% of men find women confusing. I'm one of the 99% guys! Take the case of "Sally". I hadn't seen her for years and bumped into her at a dancing festival. (Well, I call it a dancing festival but the organisers call it a "Folk Festival". I've tried the concerts but I fall asleep!)

Anyway, Sally mentioned that she'd given up on last night's dance because she got no partners. This surprised me - she's not in the first flush of youth but she looks good enough to get dancing offers and more! So I said I'd look out for her that night and give her a dance.

That evening, it was firmly in my mind that I needed to find Sally and dance with her - but it wasn't happening. So I did a proper search. The venue was a large sports hall and as well as dancing space, there was a huge grandstand affair. That's where I found Sally. She was half way up and sat right in the middle - as far away from the gangways as it was possible to get. So I went up the steps, climbed over 15 people and asked Sally for a dance. She agreed and stood up. "Wait a minute", I said, "let's get your coat and bag, you are not coming back here!"

So we deposited her stuff on one of the benches near the front and had a dance. Afterwards, she had quite a few dances with other men. A nice, neat bit of problem solving in my book.

I never saw her again.

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