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Monday, 12 May 2008

Natural Selection v Intelligent Design

I think know why the Gooseberry Sawfly caterpillar that's trying to demolish the bush in my garden is almost exactly the same green colour as the leaves. It's that Charlie Darwin bloke up to his old tricks! Mind you, there's this alternative "Intelligent Design" theory that sort of says that a god of some sort painted them that shade of green to give the little darlings a chance against predators such as birds and, err, me!

So, if I went to church more often, the pests would change colour? Or maybe even eat some plant I didn't have?

Then the Lily Beetles arrived on my lilies! These things are bright red and sit on lily leaves, which are green. Is that "Intelligent Design" of a pest? I don't think so! I sent a "did u do it?" text to Charlie Darwin and got back a flat denial. Perhaps they drifted in from some planet outside Charlie's remit? There's an alien enthusiast in the next street. I'll ask him - might know something.

Anyway, zapped the buggers.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Terribly Rude but... you think that that is bad planning!

I think the red is meant to symbolise "not tasty" or "toxic"... funny... I like most of the red coloured things I eat like steak and strawberries and plumbs and bacon (oh yes the bacon) and those red jelly babies....