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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Re-purposing the Planetarium

My mate Jenny has a planetarium. Well, she claims to manage one. I think she tells kiddies that it's a kind of hemispherical tardis. The inside is way bigger than the outside so there's room to keep planets, galaxies, the lot in there.

In reality she uses a lot of smoke and mirrors to create an illusion of the night sky - even though it's before the kiddies bed time. Neat and very responsible.

I've got an idea. Turn the whole thing upside down. Well not the planetarium itself you understand, that would be, err, challenging.

No, instead of projecting the night sky during the daytime, wait for a dull winter day and put up a beautiful sunny summer sky! Add some sand and seagull noises and you'd get queues round the block! You'd have to heat it of course but I bet the carbon footprint will be less than the customers flying off to The Gambia.

Might even qualify for a grant ;-)

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