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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Another "Counselling Centre" story

Jeff looked round the meeting cautiously. "Any Other Business?"
"Yes" said Wendy "Staff are still forgetting to switch the illuminated 'Open' sign on and off at the right time."
Bruce rolled his eyes and murmured "Oh no, not again!"
"It's dreadful!" announced Wendy, "think what it's doing to our carbon footprint!"
"And clients hammering on the door when we're closed but the sign suggests we're open" said Bruce, wearily.
"Staff really ought to just do the right thing!" said Wendy.
"What are we going to do about it?" asked Jeff.

"I could fit a time switch and make it automatic." suggested Bruce in a hopeless tone.
"Oh Bruce!" said Wendy, "trust you to propose some complicated technical solution! I'll draw some penguins sitting on an ice floe for the Newsletter to illustrate the Climate Change aspect."
Jeff said he though more was needed, "I'll put up a notice reminding staff to switch on and off at the correct times."
"Jeff", said Bruce gently, "there already is a notice. It's been there for about 15 years"
"Thank you Bruce" said the Jeff tersely, "I'll send out a reminder memo to everyone"
"If you look in the files for January 2002" said Bruce in a helpful tone, "you'll find a copy of the memo we used last time this was a problem"
"That's more like it Bruce" said Wendy, "see, you can be positive when you put your mind to it!"
Bruce forced his face into a smile and waited to see if it had placated Wendy. Although she wasn't very bright in some ways, she could detect opposition at 50 paces.

Just to make sure, he winked at her.

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