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Friday, 27 June 2008


For several years, the UK media have painted a consistent picture of Robert Mugabe as a pretty bad egg. And our government and the usual allies agree. So, it must be true?

I'm not so sure and more inclined to ask quite why it's so important to convince us. There are precedents of course - the lead up to the Iraq invasion was similar. Mind you, Mugabe doesn't have any oil. So why bother? Could it be that our lords and masters are just telling it like it is with no hidden agenda?

Trouble is, I'm a bit of a cynic….


Jon Allen said...

Hi Steve.
Just found you via your message on CIX.

The Zimbabwe situation is very sad indeed. We went there on our honeymoon ten years ago. It was a semi functioning country with a reasonable economy.

Today it is a complete basketcase. There was an article in the Economist this week about how they survive when the rate of inflation means the price of bread goes up between the morning and afternoon.
(with difficulty)

It seems the west have left him to his own devices, probably because, as you say, there is no oil and no reason to storm in there.

All I can say, is I hope that Mugabe dies very soon and that they can start to very slow path back to prosperity.
Though judging by the chaos and poverty in oil rich Nigeria the odds are not good.

Jon Allen said...

forgot to tick followup emails