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Thursday, 5 June 2008

H & C running women

H & C are two mad ex-teenagers I know from festivals. No matter how muddy the campsite, they are always "dressed to impress" and no dirt dares touch them.

I'm not sure of their complete list of hobbies but encouraging men to wear skimpy clothing ("skimps") is certainly near the top of the list. No festival would be complete without their cheery cry of "Where are your skimps, Steve?"

Despite the interest in men, they nearly always dance together. The only way I've got a turn on the floor with them is where the dance actually requires a man and two "ladies". Occasionally, I subvert a more conventional dance to accommodate a threesome.

One day they were queued up behind me at a venue with a numbers limit. The staff were enforcing one out - one in. Someone came out and the staff beckoned me to come in.

Immediately, H & C kicked up a dreadful fuss.

"That's our Dad, you can't split us up!"
I slipped into the heavy parent role.
"Now girls, stop that shouting and wait quietly until the nice man says you can come in!"
"Ok Dad! Sorry Dad!"

The guy on the door bought it, "Oh, go on then!" he said and waved all three of us through.

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