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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rolling Luggage

A dancing festival in Aberdeen? Plane tickets only £38 each way? OK, then! Of course, flying isn't very green but the rail fare was £160! So I toddled off to Heathrow,  got there in very good time, checked in and decided to do what I always do - find somewhere to watch the planes for a bit.

They don't want you to do that!

I'm sure that years ago, they even had an "observation area" and friendly signs to it. I even went over to another terminal in search. Not only is there no "official" area, I couldn't find any accidental plane-watching location. Then I noticed the multi-storey car park! Ding! So I walked round 3 sides of it before finding a pedestrian entrance (I don't know why I  always walk the long way round large buildings but I do). Into the lift and out on the top deck.

Eventually, I did find somewhere to watch planes but there's no way I'm giving the "authorities" the opportunity to ban that too!

In the departure lounge, I found some curious things. there was a bar and to make it homely, it had a fireplace with a flat panel display
Very "green" real fire

There was also a shop selling rolling luggage. This seemed rather late in the day. We no longer had our checked baggage and how many people would decide to decant their cabin baggage into a brand new rolling container and dump the old one?

Who buys luggage in a departure lounge?

I was fascinated to learn that our plane was made in Brazil! Famous for coffee, nuts and footballers, they also make this  thing called an Embraer ERJ 145 with lopsided seating plan
Two seats on the right, one on the left. Will it fly straight?
When I got into Aberdeen, I discovered it was a good thing I hadn't bought rolling luggage. They went in for cobbles in a big way. Didn't see any women with stiletto heels either!

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