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Monday, 19 January 2009

Dancing in Stroud

Stroud is not a place that does "smart". Steep streets remind me of the hill towns of Provence yet the place is where five Cotswold valleys meet. The Town Council is run by the Green Party and every Thursday, the Mayor sits on bench in the town centre and talks with anyone who happens by. This is not some centuries old tradition or even compliance with a European policy on "Open Government" - the current Mayor just thought it was a good idea.

Political parties need money and the Green way is to put on a dance and by luck or good judgement they booked the Horsley Band from the nearby village of the same name. That choice is why I passed up the opportunity of a dance nearer home because this band play the finest, the most exciting and most beautiful dance music. Their tunes for English Ceilidh dances are joyous with a raw edge but are never coarse. Dark tunes for French traditional dances are silky smooth…

There is a pause and Caroline has transformed herself into a Spanish lady. She is Flamenco!

Then we take our partners again and I find a lady from Japan who quickly learns the traditional English "rant" step.

Another success for Multiculturalism? Nowhere near that organised - it's not the Stroud way. Just random people sharing their enthusiasms.


The Horsley Band
Green Party

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