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Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Glass Cellar: Some Data

It's quite easy to find information about the "Glass Ceiling" - the idea that high-paying jobs have very few women in them.

Much less well known is the "Glass Cellar" - where men are disproportionately represented amongst prisoners, unemployed, dangerous jobs, low paid jobs and other undesirable situations. While I was looking for something else, I stumbled on some data about the "cellar"

This shows GDP and earnings for men and women during the recent UK recession and that male earnings declined more and recovered less well than women's.

A possible cause both of the ceiling and the cellar could be that men are on a riskier playing field than women. This still leaves open the question of why men are on the risky (and possibly rewarding) playing field. Does the way they act put them on the "risky" field - or does "society" push them there?

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