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Monday, 3 March 2014

The Cambridge Culture

Went to a wedding in Cambridge and took in some of the local culture. For those of you in a hurry, this picture sums it up.

Yes, the culture really does seem to revolve around bicycles and posters with some boozing. The boozing is rather small scale compared to the other two though
In these environmentally conscious days, the bicycles I can understand but I began to wonder if the Internet just hadn't reached Cambridge yet? Have they not heard of Tweetdeck?  Here's a picture of a local doing the Cambridge version of posting to Facebook
Even St John Ambulance are different here

Then in Clare College I found evidence that tentative first experiments with the Internet are underway

I also found a clue as to why Douglas Adams was so down on beings that think that digital watches are a pretty neat idea. In Cambridge, where he took his degree, they don't just do sundials, they do seriously geeky sundials

Another intriguing find was this faded mural outside Clare College
 Perhaps a rock painting by ancient man of a terrifying invader, noticed by Terry Nation on a school trip and inspired his greatest artistic creation?

Anyway, it seems to do the local tourist industry  no harm. Here, the country that gave us the Great Wall do Cambridge

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