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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dancing and power steering

Extraordinary experience at a ceilidh last weekend, I danced the final polka with a male partner. It's not the first time I've done that but it could hardly be called a habit. My partner/follower was a young man I know as a wild and athletic dancer and I expected a bumpy ride.

To my surprise, he didn't "lead" at all and neither did he "follow" in the conventional way. It was as if I'd bolted on a power steering unit. He was adding power in exactly direction I wanted to go.

This is quite different to most female partners. They tend accept the lead fairly passively - or steal it!

So how was he doing it?

I think he might have been sensing my steering and responding fluently with extra power in the same direction - just like power assisted steering on a car.

I also wondered if as he's a man used to dancing the man's part, he was making steering decisions very similar to mine. However, it seems unlikely that there wouldn't have been some dissonance.

I don't think he's a telepath but you never know :-)

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