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Sunday, 4 November 2012


The village of Sharpness might, by some definitions be the least visited village in Gloucestershire. It's not really on the way to anywhere. It's where the B4066 ends. A railway line terminates here without the bother of a station. It used to go on to the Severn Railway Bridge and reached Lydney in the Forest of Dean but in 1960, a barge, err, barged into it.

Water connections are more important and give the place a character best described as mixed. It's got a port on the Severn and there's the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. Now, some ports and canals are "historic", get the full heritage treatment, are made pretty and become full of "desirable residences". Sharpness hasn't reached that stage yet. For a start, it's still a serious, working port with non-prestigious cargo..

There's a lot of decay

Old crane parts

Old cranes
Actually, not decay: This is lichen covered swing-bridge indicates clean air
My attempt to get a "pretty" photo of the docks
This disused navigation light has some charm

You need to turn to the nearby River Severn for more pretty sights....

This picture is a bit of a cheat - I used the Picasa 3 "I'm feeling lucky" button to get these vivid water and mud colours

Sunset over one of the piers at the harbour entrance

There is some wildlife
The canal basin (foreground) River Severn (middle distance) Forest of Dean (background)

Local shop
The large "Sharpness Dockers Club"
One of several derelict houses
Riverside footpath leading to the defunct nuclear power station

Harbour mouth

View over the river to the various Severn bridges

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