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Monday, 22 October 2012

Don't buy a Kindle!

When I wrote suggesting that bookshops use DRM to  license books rather than selling them I little realised the implications for the book lover. Amazon has been doing this via their Kindle device for some time and recently decided that one of their customers in Norway was perpetrating some sort of fraud. So they broke into her house and cleared her bookshelves - well not literally - they threw a switch somewhere and rendered all her Kindle purchases unusable. In fact they've (electronically) banned her from using a Kindle for life. (Full story)

Related:  Mr Depot Censor, Minister of Repression and Censorship in the Republic of Unsavouria today announced an ambitious project to give away millions of Kindles to citizens. "We will also recycle all book and bookshelves in the country to produce electricity," he continued, "under the guidance of the Party, we have improved access to information and reduced CO2 at a stroke"

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