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Sunday, 2 September 2012


You might think this festival involved two-tier beds but the local preserved railway line. in Wallingford is known as "The Bunk" and the festival is intended to raise funds for it.

The festival takes over a large green space called The Kinecroft in the middle of the town

Here there are all manner of stalls and entertainments...
I'm not sure that all these flags are for actual countries.

An interesting challenge for the insurance industry

.. but there are no precautions to address the health needs of the donkeys! 

For a moment, I thought the local buses had entered into the colourful spirit of the occasion

Street entertainer

There was dancing of course or I wouldn't have been there.The local sports centre has quite a decent floor although it's not too large. The organisers cleverly put the better known band on the Friday night and the local hopefuls on Saturday to balance the numbers.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures except this one of musicians at the late night session. "J²ohn" turned up, cleared away a few chairs and started teaching Mazurkas. We also did a Chapelloise with only three couples which may have been a "first".

The festival also celebrates Beer and I was amused by the offering on the right...

The main bar: </retail> "There's so much choice"</retail>

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