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Monday, 13 August 2012

Images of Sidmouth Town

I went to Sidmouth for Folk Week mainly to dance but there;'s more to the town than the festival. In many ways it's a step back in time to the traditional English seaside. Some pictures:

There's a lot going on

Part of the small fishing fleet - their catch is sold locally

Traditional beach pleasures - with modern, brighter colours
The beach huts have been repainted too

Street entertainments include pan-pipe bands and this "living statue" caught by the rain

Catering for festival visitors

Took this late afternoon beach scene pointed towards the sun shading the lens with my hand

You could describe this wave pattern as "anthropomorphic" because it's due to two artificial islands in the bay causing two sets of waves to arrive at different angles giving interference patterns

There's a bowling club...

...and determining the winner calls for careful measurement

The only traditional butcher left in town...

...with a traditional counter

 The Sidmouth lifeboat is independent of the RNLI and is carried on a trailer behind a tractor the length of the Esplanade to a suitable launch point. Here, it starts the return journey after floating into the trailer and then being driven up out of the water onto the beach.

As you might expect, there is a River Sid and this is where it flows out to sea under the Alma Bridge. It's not always this tranquil though as the video below  shows

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