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Monday, 13 August 2012

Dancing at Sidmouth

 The core of a great dancing experience is the music: Here, a large and diverse group of musicians came together to play for an dance outside

Festivals are not all about organised events. I was with some friends having a meal near the Ham Marquee and some musicians sat down nearby and played some French dance music, just for the fun of it. So we got up and danced...

At one of the more organized dances, I came across Basil again - he's slowed up a little over the years but he's still the most extraordinary dancer. He thinks nothing of break-dancing in a ceilidh or using a puppet as a partner. In this video he's "learning" the Bourée from his partner although I suspect he knows more than he's letting on

Here, Basil (right) compares notes with another dancer

Adam is a respected fiddle player but also a bit of a poser 

The late night dance venue on a remote hilltop

The long walk home to the campsite

The "Anchor Gardens" is really a pub car park in the centre of Sidmouth. Twice a day during the festival there are free dances. This video catches some of the spirit

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