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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yorkshire Dales (1)

Had a long weekend of Swedish dancing in Austwick at "Scandimoot". Lots of things to digest and blog so this first post is mainly pictures from the journey. More later!

This noble pile is Hornby Castle dating back to the C13. More info here

Next, Malham Tarn which is the highest lake in England and  one of only eight upland alkaline lakes in Europe - the pH going as high as 8.6. As you might expect, this means it's got lots of rare wildlife and the conservation people are all over it. Pretty though.
Malham Tarn from the West

The whole area is built on limestone as you can see on this derelict farm.
Swallow hole near Malham Tarn

This rock isn't as inherently porous as my local "oolitic" limestone so water drains through the cracks. Streams and rivers don't obey the usual rules - you know, come up at a charming spring, run along the surface and fall into the sea. Here, they are likely to fall down "swallow holes" and reemerge miles away. See right

Another swallow hole above Malham Cove. The river flows towards the camera before entering several holes near the bottom left

Sheep and lambs

Rocky path on the way to Malham Cove

Upper end of Malham Cove

Limestone pavement on the edge of Malham Cove

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