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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Satnav Summit Nonsense

Apparently, there's this problem with Satnavs. Errors mean that lorries get stuck on country lanes or as the bureaucrats would have it, "local residents end up with inappropriate traffic on their doorsteps".

More shockingly, "some motorists do not update their satnav maps, either because they forget or are not aware they can do, which makes the problem even more serious." What is the world coming to?

The upshot is "Norman Baker, Local Transport Minister, will host the Government's first 'Satnav Summit' to thrash out solutions to end the misery caused when lorry and car drivers follow out of date directions from their satnavs."

Sigh! They don't know they are born!

Maps didn't always come with a satnavs attached. Before the silicon chip version there was the folded paper carbon-based edition. There was a brand called "Ordnance Survey" run by a government department and updated every 15 years if you were lucky. You used them as a guide and accepted they were not infallible! No one had a "summit" about it - although there was some adverse comment the time I believed the "PH" on a map and led the cycling club to a pub that was no more.

You also got to know that a "Ferry" on the map might not still be running. And that a line indicating a "public right of way on foot" might be a quagmire or a jungle with no actual path.

In those days, a "summit" was something that sat quietly on maps and on the ground and didn't give politicians any publicity at all.

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