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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Evil or Ill?

Read an article about psychopaths and work scanning their brains.

It seems to show that unfortunately for them and their victims, they are (physically) "wrong in the head" and suggests they need treatment rather than punishment. Not that it's clear what the treatment should be.

I fell to thinking how lucky I am. I don't endure great moral struggles to avoid being a psychopath - I just wasn't born to it. Similarly, I don't "battle" with alcoholism, tobacco, gambling, weight or any of the many other "unacceptable" things. The last time I got legless-drunk was about 6 years ago at a festival where there wasn't a dance to go to and we sat around savouring one nice bottle after another. Keeping sober (etc.) isn't difficult for me, I simply have "lucky" biology.

I'm not arguing that mass-murderers should be allowed to wander around as if nothing had happened but executing them (as happens in the US) is going way too far. If, as may be the case, it's genetic, future generations may dust off the "genocide" label.

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RainaMay said...

Well, I must say that I could WRITE an article about sociopaths (psychopaths), as I lived with one for nearly 11 years and his diabolical "illness" didn't begin to become apparent until 6 years into the relationship AFTER we had purchased a home together *deep sigh*

It is pertinent to mention that the "mass murder" archetype is really a very minuscule number among the population of these "beings." To be honest, you probably live in a neighborhood where there are 2 or 3 strolling around their life's work is "blending in well" with those around them. If they are an acquaintance of yours, he/she is probably the person you LOVE being around...he/she is the funny, charming, complimentary, seemingly easy-going guy/gal that everyone seems to adore. However, if you are in a position to get to know them WELL, you begin to see a very vicious pattern of immense confusion surrounding them. Their words and actions NEVER match, they purposely sabotage anything GOOD you try to do for them or others, they are inconsistent, professional liars, and master manipulators and the "objects" of long-term relationships are covertly turned into their saviors/enablers/ rescuers because anyone with a healthy emotional system who is equipped with a conscience and empathy cannot quite wrap their head around ANYONE being without one. The largest number of sociopaths are those who are out to conquer your soul and spirit. It becomes a constant battle of wits, one-ups-man-ship, etc. The are IN it to WIN it...period...and you may what? CONTROL and POSSESSION of your mind. I have found in my relationship with one of these "beings" that they don't give up easily and they leave their victims always HOPING and WAITING for change because of the wonderful person they PRETEND to be. I have broken my relationship with my sociopath and have absolutely no contact with him whatsoever anymore, but I know that sometime, somewhere down the road, he will devise a way to attempt to make me feel sorry for him once again--though what he doesn't know is that the door is finally closed, locked, and dead-bolted. They push everyone who truly loves them away with their passive-aggressive I figure, I will save him the work (and me any further emotional/mental abuse) and disappear on my own. I cannot tell you how PEACEFUL my daily life. thought process and emotionality have become. They are OUT there in droves...your typical "Sociopath Next Door"..the trick is to keep them at arm's length and always remember, "when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time"~Maya Angelou.