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Thursday, 25 November 2010


Read an article recently about discrimination on the basis of "caste". In India (and presumably the Diaspora) there is an ancient system of social division, which I don't really understand but it's used to deny people jobs and other things.

So, understandably, there's a move towards outlawing discrimination on these grounds. In English law, this would be recognising caste as a "protected characteristic" like race, age, sex and the rest. You'll notice I haven't done an exhaustive list of "protected characteristics" for three reasons:

  • I'm too lazy to look it up
  • I'd probably leave one out
  • I wanted to make a point!

My point is that it will be years before caste is added to the list in the laws and that doesn't seem right. It should be on the statute book today. Transgender people only got on the list a few years back. It's nonsense.

I'm not a lawyer but it would seem better if unjustified discrimination were outlawed pure and simple and there was no ever growing "list".

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