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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Men expressing feelings

It's supposed to be a good thing. We're told that women want men to do this and it really frustrates them when we won't. There's propaganda that it's what "real men" do and how happy it makes women.

Good news ladies, it can happen but we need your help! On those rare occasions when the man in your life does express his feelings - especially if it's about inadequacy, fear, grief etc - put your arms around him and whisper in his ear "That's so sexy darling, let's go upstairs….."


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll assume this is meant in fun, but the idea that only if women dangle sex in front of men will they respond or change their ways seems a little...stereotyped?
We could (and probably would) just appreciate the feelings-sharing verbally?

Steve said...

@Anonymous: One of the reasons for men not expressing their feelings - especially non "manly" feelings is an instinct that it will damage any sexual relationship/prospects. ("Women want MEN" attitude). I'm sure that verbal/written explanations of why this is wrong are available but enthusiastic sex is much more convincing