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Sunday, 8 August 2010

The People's Republic of Hulme

BBC Radio 4 recently did a documentary on Hulme, part of Manchester. If you're quick, you can Listen Again  

It's a fascinating story of Tamil refugees, deck-access flats, squatting, demolition, a no-go area for the police and a rich alternative culture.

My connection? A few years ago, I got a day's work delivering some training to an organisation based there. In preparation, I used Multimap to plan a route. Having got a small-scale map of my approach, I zoomed in for more detail. Something went horribly wrong - the layout of the streets on the large-scale map was almost completely different. When I finally arrived, it was clear that a large part of the area had only just been rebuilt. Multimap must have used some mapping from before and after.

Here's links to some less geeky stuff:

Wikipedia on Hulme

Photos of the old Hulme

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