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Monday, 8 March 2010

In the North East

Went dancing in Durham. It's a dance festival run by, and mainly for  students but they let anyone in. On the first night, later on, they had what they called a "Disco Ceilidh". The idea was that you dance what some would call "English Country Dances" to modern pop. It's not quite as bad as it sounds although the music doesn't fit the dances particularly well. After watching this for a while I had an idea. I grabbed Ruth - who is never knowingly conventional - and we jived - right in the centre of the room while several hundred people did some Sicilian circle dance around us. Magic!

I like Durham. The town has lots of old and interesting bits - including a number of pedestrian bridges crossing the river and up on into the town. However, it's not a "tourist trap" it feels like a town that's got more important if mundane things to get on with, - like working, making excellent chips and drinking!

So, Saturday tea time was spent in the back of the 'Shakespeare' drinking real beer. Claire sang several songs and Ruth played whistle along with the other musicians. Jon, Phil and I sipped our beer and nodded wisely.

At the "Survivors Ceilidh" on Sunday we had the World Premi√®re of a dance I'd written. Based on the idea that you often need a dance for crowded places I adapted an almost-traditional dance named after Clopton Bridge in Stratford upon Avon. Wondering what to call the new dance, I looked on a map for a nearby place. I happened on "Avon Industrial Estate". I don't think that name will be taken already…. :-)

Below: Pictures of informal late night dancing and one of Durham's many bridges

Late night informal dancing

One of Durhams many bridges

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