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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fragment of a novel I'm writing

In a corner of Martin's room, Meg noticed an old-fashioned draftsman's board with built in sliding rulers. She wandered over and looked at the drawing on it.

"This looks like some sort of shoe?"
"Yes, it's my design for a Chesil Boot" said Martin..
"What's one of those?"
Did you ever hear of Chesil Beach?
"Yeah, I remember going there on a geography field trip."
"Quite pebbly and difficult to walk on?"
"Yes, I remember now, Kelly Simpkins fell off her stupid high heels and broke her ankle"
"I'm going to walk that beach. All 18 miles of it - and not break anything!"
Meg pointed to the drawing and looked at Martin questioningly.
He smiled and explained how the design supported and cushioned the foot.
"So that's what you engineers do?"
"Some of us"
Meg smiled.
"How many pairs are you going to make?"

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