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Friday, 20 March 2009

New phrase: Reputation Management

Shortly after I blogged about the TV Licensing people, someone from Fishburn Hedges surfed by. I looked them up and they say they are "one of the leading reputation management firms in Europe" and their clients include "BBC TV Licensing"

They say: "we’re here to make a difference - to the reputation of their brand, organisation or campaign. To make them better. Not just look better, but be better. And always with a clear purpose: to change the behaviours and opinions of those who matter to them."

Sounds quite ethical although I'm twitchy about them trying to change my behaviours and opinions. Mind you, I suspect that TV refusniks like me are not " those who matter to them".

Respect, guys! You have the client from Hell!


Fishburn Hedges
Me v TV Licensing

1 comment:

Peter said...

Fishburn Hedges (Boys Williams) are one of several purveyors of TV Licensing propaganda. Another one to look out for is Ogilvy & Mather. They just love reading my blog too.