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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Another seasonal tale

Lucy finished changing out of her dancing clothes into her warm tracksuit and wandered back into the main hall. She looked around hoping to see the tall man who was a newcomer to the class. After all it was only polite to be welcoming to a stranger!

She found him buttoning himself into a very substantial winter coat. "Good coat" she said, "especially with all the snow that's fallen this evening"

"Thanks!" he replied, "I did come prepared - very prepared"
And with that, he took her hand and walked her out into the car park to his car and opened the boot.

Lying there was large sledge. "Help me lift it out!" he said and the next thing she knew they were trudging up the slope at the back of the hall dragging the sledge behind them.

At the top of the slope, they both got on the sledge and rode it down the hill in great style finally hitting a large snowdrift. Lucy allowed him to brush the loose snow off her before helping him put the sledge back in the car. 

"Right" he said, "I must dash! Thanks for helping!"
Lucy was caught off guard, "See you next week?"
"Expect so! Bye" he said closing the car door.

They never met again.
Maybe they didn't need to.

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