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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Not Mourning Woolworths

So, Woolworths is going down the tubes. I'm only surprised that it's taken so long. I mean, what is the modern Woolworths for?

Years ago, they sold "everything". You needed a replacement bulb for a table lamp, an egg poacher, a ball of string - just about anything and you went to Woolies and they'd usually got one. The modern Woolworths is full of rubbish you don't want - except perhaps chocolate.

Fortunately, there's competition - "Wilkinsons". This is a chain of shops that's a bit like Woolies used to be. They have a reasonably complete range of kitchen stuff, garden stuff (seasonal), stationery, DIY car accessories and chocolate.

They even have a replacement cast iron coal fire grate! Ok, I admit - I don't want a fire grate but hey, next time I do need something mundane an ordinary, they're the first place I'll try.

Wilkinson web site - rather ordinary - don't be put off

1 comment:

Rebsie Fairholm said...

Hello fellow Cheltonian ... thanks for the comment on my blog. "Wilko's" is a useful place to get gardening stuff cheaper than the garden centres, if you don't mind risking a hernia trying to lug a bag of compost down the High Street. Though I guess they could probably sell you some painkillers for that.