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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Cambridge trip

Went to Ruth's place in Cambridge. Her house is amazing with bookshelves on just about every available wall. So it was that when we started discussing who invented fractions and the decimal point (as you do), a book was easily found to resolve the matter. It was her goodbye party before she goes for a gap year in Kazakhstan to teach music. I'm trying to think of it as "Not so much losing a friend as gaining a central Asian country with vast natural resources and an area greater than Western Europe".

Later, we went to a bar called Revolution Vodka with unbelievably loud music. It was here that Stuart showed me yet another use for the ubiquitous mobile phone. He typed the drinks order into his and showed it to the barman. Neat idea but unfortunately they'd run out of passion fruit purée and so had to resort to the back up system of desperate shouting at each other.

A lot of people were dancing although I could see that quite a few women were good dancers I wasn't sure how receptive they'd be to a bloke with grey hair trying to jive with them. That's when I suggested to Stuart that we two should jive and see if women would insist on splitting us up. He liked the idea in principle but since he's dating Ruth, he declined.

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