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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Short Story

Jeff was opening the Counseling Centre post when Damien, one of the newer staff put his head round the door.
"Hi Damien!" said Jeff brightly, "you look hungover - Wendy's bash was a 'success' then?"
"Sort of" said Damien a little quietly, "Wendy, Bruce and I ended up at that new club by the station""
"I've heard it's wild?"
"It is - but something rather confusing happened."
"This gorgeous woman was there."
"They do tend to gather in clubs, I believe," said Jeff brightly.
"Absolutely stunning - way out of my league."
"Then Bruce pointed out that the woman kept looking at me and told me I'd 'pulled'."
"Well, I didn't believe him at first but after a bit I decided to go and try my luck."
Jeff nodded.
"I introduced myself and suggested we go outside where it would be quieter."
"Go on" said Jeff starting to wonder where all this was going.
"She grabbed my hand and almost dragged me out the door!"
"Er, good!"
"When we got outside, she looked deep into my eyes …. and told me her tragic life story."
Jeff closed his eyes briefly. "Oh! And of course, you stood there and listened?"
"And you didn't get to take her home and shag her brains out?"
"I think you've got the makings of a great counselor, Damien" said Jeff kindly, "but sometimes you need to switch it off"


PurpleSparkleBright said...

That happens to me all the time. Just as well I'm engaged now and not on the pull, eh!

Steve said...

A woman I'd just started to see turned up for the third date tear-stained and wanting to talk.

I could have gone along with it but learning from previous mistakes, I didn't!

I did get her smiling though. Ohhhh yes! ;-)