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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

On Progress

I used to use this independent little Citroen garage. You know the sort of place - totally chaotic - but cheap.

Frank, the chief mechanic used to greet me with "Wotcha Mate" and if a sphere (of which my Citroen had five) was f*cked, he'd say "It's f*cked!"

Then it started to change. Frank left and the junior mechanic started greeting me with "Can I help you Sir?". The bugger had obviously been on a course!

And the hourly rate was higher.

But still their main source of replacement parts was various heaps around the workshop.
They merged,
It got tidy

And the hourly rate was higher.

They expanded and moved
Now they have a reception area with a tropical fish tank. Real fish too although they don't look it.

And the hourly rate is higher.

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