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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My friends are in competition to be more nutty than me. Sometimes they succeed.

Just tonight, I mentioned to a friend that I don't have a TV.

She immediately suggested I get a microwave as a substitute - cheaper too.

So I said I'd heard that some microwaves had turntables - so I could get moving pictures just like on a real TV.

She pointed out that eventually, a microwave goes DING and stops.

So that got me wondering if there were TV programmes on some obscure network that made the TV look like it was a microwave cooking food? And did the programmes finish with a DING and the light going out?

That's when she had the temerity to suggest I was mad

Me: 1 Friends: 0


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Not sure about microwaves, but I remember that you used to be able to get videos of fish in tanks... ~x~

Steve said...

Fish in tanks? That reminds me. I feel another post coming on...

Chiarina said...

There's an arty interiors shop near where I live and in the window they've got an old microwave in which they place different things every week; it's lit up and goes round all day and night (of course it doesn't cook them, it's now just a little display-turntable thing). So we have a little ritual that as we come out of our German equivalent of the half moon at 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning, we go and have a look what's in the microwave and stand gormlessly staring for a few moments before tottering home the worse for wear. It's entertaining in a gentle way :-)